Welcome to TomatRO!

Update 10 Agustus 2020

by Kimak on 2020-07-15

Update 10 Agustus 2020


 1.Add New Limited Scroll

2.Remove Module Reset

3.Add Old Glast Heim Hard Mode

4.Add New Old Glast Heim Card

5.Add New item Evolved Mad Bunny


Welcome To TomatRO

by Lupa Mantan on 2020-06-29

®I N F O R M A T I O N®

Tomat Ragnarok

® Server Info ®

Maintown Prontera
Renewal 175/60 ( Warock , Shura etc + Doram Race )
Max Stat 130
Max Aspd 195
Rates 500/500/100
Normal Card 5%
Mini card 0.1 % & MvP card 0.1%
In Game Feature :
Remove Card
Safe Refine
Dream Costume Machine
Enchant Costume NPC
Card remover
Job changer
Skill reset
Disable Battleground
Disable Siege Set
Disable Vellum Weapon

Gacha System
Play To Win System
Tempatnya para petani

Zeny Bisa di tukar Cash
Rate 1 Cash = 2.000 Zeny
10 Menit dapat 100 Cash
1 Jam = 600 Cash

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